Ep 013: Social Profiles


Show notes:

“Share items that are relevant to the group and provides value in every post. When you do this you will get noticed and you will build trust with those who are there.” Pat Flynn, Will it Fly

Online groups are a great place to connect with others and build relationships. I have made many friends through online communities and it all starts with sharing value that matters to them.

Your online profile is were everything starts. It’s were people go to learn more about you. They can learn something about you from what you post but they learn more on the profile page. You want your profiles to showcase what you love about life and about yourself. It’s like the cloths you put on in the morning, They give something others can relate with you without needed to say anything. It’s the first introduction people get so make it something you’re proud of.

We have profile on every social platform. They give others opportunities to relate and connect with you.

Themes are core values. They touch almost everything we do. When we are clear on our themes they make it easy for others to help you find joy.

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